For the 10th anniversary of Dinner In The Sky – a culinary concept that involves sitting down to a gastronomic meal while suspended several metres above ground – 10 Belgian Michelin-starred chefs will be serving up their finest fare to 220 hungry diners (per sitting) in an event that runs June 1-5.

In 2006, the Belgian city of Brussels caught the attention of foodies worldwide with a strange event in preparation. The concept, called Dinner In The Sky, sees a gastronomic meal prepared and served on tables suspended from cranes.

Ten years ago, the project was considered a totally crazy idea. But this new concept proved strangely in sync with the world of food, which was already showing the first signs of its current star status.

For the first edition, 22 restaurateurs from all over Europe signed up to take part, though they probably had no idea they would be participating in such a successful venture.

Over the following years, the sky-based dining experience has travelled to 55 countries. It’s currently fresh back from stints in Vietnam and Guatemala and even Malaysia has hosted it. In 2009, the restaurant in the sky arrived in the famous Jardin des Tuileries in the French capital. Last summer, it took diners 25m off the ground next to Tower Bridge in London.

The Belgian capital, where the concept started, will now see its globe-trotting sky dinner return for a homecoming edition to celebrate its 10th anniversary. From June 1-5, 10 cranes will elevate tables of diners from the foot of the city’s Atomium sculpture. On each table, 22 diners will be served a gourmet meal by one of Belgium’s leading chefs.

Chefs taking part in the 10th anniversary edition are Yves Mattagne from Sea Grill, Lionel Rigolet from Comme chez Soi, Pascal Devalkeneer from Le Chalet de la Foret, David Martin from La Paix, Giovanni Bruno from Senzanome, Bart De Pooter from De Pastorale, Luigi Ciciriello from La Truffe Noire, Viki Geunes from Zilte, Filip Claeys from De Jonkman and Wout Bru from Brasserie Bru.

Belgium’s finest will be serving up their sky-based fare at lunchtimes and in two evening slots (7.30pm and 9.30pm). The experience costs €275 (about RM1,200) per person. Hopeful diners will need to book soon, however, as certain dates are already full. The meals are accompanied by Laurent-Perrier champagne. – AFP Relaxnews