#Squealmeal is part of the Star2 Monthly Challenge.

A fried cicada made its way into my mouth mere days before our visit to the Crazy Fish restaurant at Solaris Mont’Kiara. This is it, I had thought then. That piece of insect would be my sole claim to fame as an exotic food eater. I’ll now live the rest of my days enjoying simple and safe delicacies.

And then the live octopus happened.

Being an ardent K-pop fan, I’m familiar with the South Korean delicacy. It’s known there as sannakji. Documentaries and YouTube clips have shown tourists getting all squirmish attempting to eat the octopus sashimi.

I love kimchi and K-dramas; surely, eating sannakji would be a piece of cake? But the sight of chopped up tentacles dancing on the plate got me thinking: Perhaps my love for Korean culture begins and ends with Girls’ Generation.

At the nudge of my colleague and dinner companion Christina Chin (and also the thought that the meal cost RM92), I mustered up the courage to eat it.

Oh, my God. Those little tentacles sucked hard. The piece I had picked up really clung onto my Korean metal chopsticks and saucer of sesame sauce.

It was a battle between man and food. When I finally wrestled a piece into my mouth, the tentacle was still squirming about! I chewed vigorously before swallowing.

How did it taste like? Hmm… very, VERY fresh seafood with the amazing fragrant flavour of sesame oil. But any food seasoned with sesame oil tastes great, right?

Would I eat it again? No.