Move over Hello Kitty, there’s a new animated character-inspired cafe in Tokyo-town.

A My Little Pony Cafe has opened in the capital of Japan – and arguably the world capital of themed cafes – for the nostalgic pleasure of women who used to play with the colorful, plastic ponies as children, and for little girls who are playing with the rebooted toys today.

At the coffee house, toast is emblazoned with My Little Pony stamps, while java and matcha lattes are jazzed up with My Little Pony cafe art.

Juices and milk shakes are adorned with My Little Pony straws, chicken and carrot slaw sandwiches are served on My Little Pony plates, and rainbow sparkles are strewn on sundaes and banana, chocolate marshmallow pancakes – that is, wherever and whenever possible.

Walls are lined with galloping, animated ponies sporting trademark, pastel-coloured manes and anime eyes.

The cafe opened last week and remains open until Nov 29.

A meal served at The Little Pony cafe. Photo: twitter

Meals served at The Little Pony cafe. No surprises, the cafe has a pony-themed decor (below). Photos: twitter

The Little pony cafe, Tokyo. Photo: twitter

It’s the latest themed pop-up to open in Asia.

Last year, to mark Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, a themed pop-up restaurant opened at a Tokyo shopping center where guests dined on turkey and prosciutto sandwiches shaped like Hello Kitty.

The Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine restaurant in Kowloon, Hong Kong also serves whiskered dim sum dumplings and steamed buns, sporting the character’s trademark bows and cat-like ears and is open permanently.

And earlier this summer, in honour of Super Mario’s 30th birthday, Nintendo opened a trio of cafes in Tokyo inhabited by plush toy characters from the iconic video game, where patrons sipped on Mario-themed coffees and tucked into star-shaped omelettes. – AFP Relaxnews

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