First, it was Hello Kitty; now say bon appetit with Gudetama.

Earlier this year, the Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant opened in Kowloon, serving items that bear the character’s trademark bow, whiskers, ears and moon-shaped face. Now, another eatery in Hong Kong – the Yata Gudetama Café by Izumi Curry – is featuring Gudetama, a character created by Sanrio, the same people who brought us Hello Kitty.

Gudetama, the lazy egg, has been culinarily recreated as a yellow bun on the dim sum menu at the café’s pop-up restaurant. This time, though, it isn’t just inactive – it is also disgusting.

Depending on the flavour that a diner orders, the pastry poops or vomits. With the custard-filled buns, you poke a hole in the mouth, squeeze and Gudetama throws up. With the chocolate-filled Gudetama, you poke a hole in the other end and out comes a brown-coloured filling that you could easily imagine to be bodily discharge.

See for yourself!