Star2 visited celebrity chef Mohd Nadzri Redzuawan, or Chef Riz as he prefers to be called, to find out what he keeps in his kitchen.

Host Sheela Chandran then challenged him to cook something in 10 minutes from the ingredients he had at the time. The challenge was accepted and he made a simple and delicious dish, and in under 10 minutes too. Watch the video.


7 things you didn’t know about Chef Riz

  • Chef Riz loves simple food. “Simple food when you execute it well, will be really good,” he says. Telur kicap is one of his favourites.
  • The most expensive ingredient he has at home is Tuscan olive oil which cost him €300. Aside from that, he takes pride in having top-of-the-line knives, cookware, pots and pans. “When you cook with them, the quality is different. They also make you job faster and cleaner,” says Riz.
  • He believes that when you cook with love, food will turn out terrific. Chef Riz is also a firm believer of eating clean and fresh.
  • He has a mortar and pestle from his great-grandmother. It was passed down to his grandmother then to his father and now him. He has used it only two or three times. “I use it tapi sayang, I don’t want it to rosak.”
  • He learnt Mediterranean dishes and pastries from his father, Chef Wan, who is always eager to share with him when he returns from his travels. “You must go out and travel to experience the true meaning of life,” says Riz.
  • He learned how to cook when he was five years-old. “I learned how to cook rice and fry eggs. My mum let me use her kitchen and it became my playground,” he says.
  • He doesn’t like greasy food. “When I have it, instead of feeling energetic, I end up feeling lethargic,” he says.