’s Eric Ian Chan, Melody L. Goh and Jane F. Ragavan have set themselves a task: To prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for themselves every day for five days this week.

But what’s so special about that? People everywhere make three meals a day and don’t make a big deal about it. Well, Eric, Melody and Jane have set a challenge by following a chosen theme for their own meal-making challenge.

Apart from the theme, there are just two other simple rules:

  • they cannot make/eat the same meal twice; and
  • they cannot use prepared items (like curry pastes or ready-to-eat meals – everything must be prepared from scratch, although the prep work can be done in advance).

Today, they set down their game plan. Follow their daily log over the week.

eating well

A good breakfast. Photo: Shutterstock


My meals are going to be as healthy as possible and cost as little as possible. High in protein, lots of fruits and veggies and low in carbs and fat. I am also going to follow the eating principle of having huge breakfasts (with complex carbs for all-day energy), medium lunches (with protein and smaller portions of carbs) and small dinners (with lots of protein, vegetables and little to no carbs).

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be bland or boring, so I am going to try to be quite creative. Also, the meals have to be easily prepared and quickly cooked because, unless you are Nigella Lawson or Rachael Ray, who has the time?

My challenge is to make all the meals without disrupting my working hours. I would need to plan it properly and prep the ingredients cleverly.


Prepare three meals a day, every day? Easy. I do it all the time.

Well, not really. I don’t eat breakfast except when I’m on holiday. I’m a night owl but an early riser, too, so eating at 6.30am (or anytime before 10am) is just crazy to me.

For the sake of this challenge, though, I will try to ram some food down my throat in the morning for five days. Either that or I will just move around my mealtime schedule, which is already erratic anyway.

As for my theme, I’ve chosen to follow some of the food trends that we have seen in the past couple of years. I do tend to get caught up in a few of these trends sometimes – I was crazy about quinoa and amaranth for two whole months in 2013!

So, from ancient grains and Greek yoghurt to grilled cheese sandwiches and cauliflower, I will try to make each meal as “trendy” as I can. I already have all my meals planned so, fingers crossed!


(From left) Quinoa, chickpeas and corn for popping!


When Eric told me about setting himself the challenge of preparing three healthy meals a day for a week with no carbs, no fat, etc, I asked him whether they would be “no flavour” as well. I said I wanted in on the challenge and would do the opposite – not have any restrictions.

But that is how I prepare my meals every day, and that would be no challenge. What I also tend to do is simply throw things together without much thought and with whatever is in my fridge. The meal is always flavourful and filling (I am preparing food for myself, after all) but it can sometimes be less than healthy (my diet is predominantly meatless but I love salt and carbs!)

So to have better planned meals, the theme I have chosen is: colour – every day I pick a colour from the food colour wheel and include those ingredients in my dishes. I hadn’t decided on this theme before my weekend grocery shopping, so I am taking my challenge up a notch by using only what I have stocked at home to make the meals.

Let’s see if I can actually come up with a good meal plan.