It’s the fast food revolution, they say.

A pair of America’s most popular chefs, street food kingpin Roy Choi and fine dining chef Daniel Patterson, have teamed up to launch a crowd-funding project in the aim of revolutionising American fast food.

It’s an ambitious goal. The duo say they want to open a restaurant in the San Francisco, California area that reinvents fast food, starting with the quintessential food of Americana, the burger.

Only, instead of giving it a gourmet makeover as so many chefs and restaurateurs have done before, the pair say they want to sell US$0.99 (RM3.50) burgers that rival the kind found at McDonald’s, the kind that “… feels, tastes, looks, smells and sits in your hand just like a Quarter Pounder.”

That means that diners entering Loco’l, shouldn’t expect Shake Shack and Chipotle-type menus which offer premium versions of burgers and burritos.

Instead, the menu will rival the rock bottom prices of fast food chains, but with products made with “real ingredients” and a dining experience that includes carefully thought-out design elements such as Danish furniture and ergonomics, “good music and great lighting”.

In other words, expect Loco’l to be, among other things, very hipster-friendly.

The crowd-funding campaign was launched last week in Indiegogo and ends March 10. Their goal is to reach US$150,000 (RM525,000). Three days in, they had raised over US$7,500 (RM26,250).

Choi is best known for his Korean taco food truck Kogi BBQ and for his new restaurants at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles, while Patterson helms popular San Francisco restaurant Coi. — AFP Relaxnews