Interactive culinary experience to launch next year; users can vote for favourite chef in live competition.

Fancy yourself an arbiter of culinary good taste. Ever find yourself shouting at the TV when you disagree with the results of an Iron Chef or Top Chef competition. A new interactive culinary experience has been created that will allow users to vote for their favourite chef in a live competition.

Scheduled to be launched next year out of San Francisco, Rival will pit two professional chefs in a cooking studio where they’ll face off in a live cooking throwdown. Cameras set at different angles will capture the action and provide close-up shots for viewers who can also tune in on an app.

A host will provide a play-by-play and invite the studio audience, who will be seated around the kitchen, to throw out on-the-spot challenges.

Spectators can change camera angles on their app, and cast votes on their favorite dishes based on creativity, presentation and taste.

“This is a Hollywood experience but with no second takes. It's just an intimate struggle between two highly-trained chefs battling it out in front of guests and the cameras,” said Rival co-founder Stephen Walker in a statement.

Organisers have tapped about 100 chefs across the US to appear on the show including Top Chef competitor Louis Maldonado as well as chefs who’ve worked in prestigious kitchens like The French Laundry and Morimoto.

Rival will launch out of San Francisco by mid-2015, and expand to cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas.

Founders have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help cover the construction costs of the cooking studio. – AFP Relaxnews