If you’ve ever gone hiking or camping, you’ll know that preparing meals can be a tiresome affair.

Cooking in the great outdoors is both laborious and requires the use of various utensils and ingredients that can be cumbersome to cart on uphill treks. Which is exactly the problem local food brand Brahim’s was hoping to solve when it launched its Adventure Packs late 2017.


Fazil and his team launched a series of mountain climbing expeditions to introduce and promote the adventure packs. The expeditions have since become huge hits, and are often booked out.

“Most people know about Brahim’s, especially travellers. So we tried to find a new market segment, which is hikers and those who love outdoor activities – basically a younger target group who need these products,” says Brahim’s sales and marketing manager Mohamad Fazil Othman, who is also an avid hiker.

The All-Day Adventure Packs are designed to last for a 24-hour period and come in two options – beef or chicken – and contain meals for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Meals include options like nasi goreng, daging masak hitam, ayam rendang, bubur pulut hitam, biscuits, jam, tea and coffee.

If you’re doing a short half-day hike, there is also the option of getting a one-meal Adventure Pack, which contains a single meal to fill you up for the duration of your hike. In essence, the idea behind the Adventure Packs is that even if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you could literally be feasting like a king!

To promote the packs, Brahim’s launched a series of mountain climbing expeditions called Expedisi Bersama Brahim’s, which started at the end of last year and continue to run every month.

First-time participants who register for these hikes on Brahim’s Facebook page (@BrahimsOfficial) or website (brahimsfood.com) will get the adventure packs as well as mess tins, T-shirts and buffs.

“After one year of organising expeditions, there is more awareness. People know that Brahim’s is not just for travelling, but also for outdoor activities. Now when we open the registration for these expeditions, they are booked out in less than 30 minutes!” says Fazil.

Perhaps what is most appealing about the adventure packs is how quickly you can dig into the food, without having to go through the hassle of preparing ingredients or starting a fire.

The only requirement is that the pouches need to be immersed in boiling water for 10 minutes or less (different products have different heating times) before consumption.

You can even layer a few pouches on top of each other in the boiling water, to save time. Once that’s done, just rip open the packaging and tuck into a hot meal reminiscent of home-cooked food.

“If you don’t have clean water to heat up the pouch, you can use whatever water is available on your hiking trail – river water, puddles – because you won’t be drinking it, you only need to heat it to boiling point,” says Fazil.

Each Brahim’s 24-hour Adventure Pack weighs 1.5kg and is intended for a single adventurer. The chicken set is priced at RM36, while the beef set is priced at RM38. The one-meal Adventure Pack is priced at RM16.

Currently, the packs are only available at a few outdoor outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negri Sembilan as well as the Brahim’s shop in Bangi. For more information, head to brahimsfood.com.