It’s an excuse as old as time: I’m not crying, I’m just chopping onions. But thanks to food science, people will have to start confronting their emotions instead of blaming the tear-inducing allium.

The Sunion was developed by Bayer scientists over three decades through cross-breeding and are not genetically modified, the Germany-based company explains on its website. The tear-free onions, which are grown only in the US, become sweeter each day, it adds.

Because Sunions are less pungent, it’s possible to eat them raw without tearing up. However, there’s no word on whether it completely does away with onion breath, so maybe keep some breath mints handy just in case.

This latest food innovation may finally put to rest the vast number of products and life hacks that claim to solve the problem of onions making people cry, which range from wearing goggles to freezing the onion and using a specialised chopper. – dpa