Often an item is considered truly luxurious if it is rare, much like Louis XIII, an exquisite blend made up of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie sourced 100% from Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region.

Every decanter takes generations of cellar masters to craft, each passing on their treasured knowledge to the next in line, patiently preserving the craft.

To honour the contribution of their cellar masters, Louis XIII unveils a once-in-history limited edition decanter: Louis XIII The Legacy, a rare and precious crystal magnum decanter unites four generations of Louis XIII cellar masters for the first time in history.

Each decanter is personally and individually hand-signed by each cellar master to pay homage to Louis XIII’s unique legacy.

“Every decanter is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters. We are proud that Malaysia is being selected to welcome the limited edition Louis XIII The Legacy. Only a handful of markets have this privilege to carry Louis XIII The Legacy. It perpetuates the spirit of the brand by passing down the traditions, from one generation to another,” said Tyrel Ball, general manager, Remy Cointreau Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Created in 1874 by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin as a blend of his oldest and most precious eaux-de-vie, the inimitable style of Louis XIII has stayed constant to this day, honouring his act of genius and its precious blend.

Today, Baptiste Loiseau is setting aside the House’s finest eaux-de-vie, as a legacy to his successors for the coming century. Each Cellar Master knows that when they take the position, they will not taste the fruits of their labour – they are a link in a precious chain, receiving the legacy from their predecessor and passing on the baton to the next.

“Crafting Louis XIII is like building a cathedral, every generation leaves their mark on the masterpiece,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of Louis XIII. “André Giraud, Georges Clot, Pierrette Trichet and Baptiste Loiseau have all contributed to the history of Louis XIII, perpetuating a savoir-faire which Baptiste now upholds. These men and woman are the cornerstones of Louis XIII.”

The doyen of the group, André Giraud, learned the trade from his father, himself a cellar master. After decades of loyal service to Louis XIII, André was succeeded by Georges Clot, who went on to choose Pierrette Trichet to be his successor and the first female cellar master of a major cognac house. Trichet then chose Baptiste Loiseau to become the House’s current and youngest appointed cellar master to continue the legacy of Louis XIII.

Louis XIII The Legacy follows the historical moment when the four generations of cellar masters were united for the first time at the Domaine du Grollet, the family home in the Louis XIII heartlands of Grande Champagne. At the reunion, the emotions of the cellar masters were touchingly clear: a genuine kinship and an intimate rapport that speaks louder than words, woven together by Louis XIII.

With a select group of guests and Louis XIII connoisseurs, the cellar masters shared their first encounter with Louis XIII, the moment of truth when completing their first final blend, and their pride of entrusting the keys of this legacy to future generations.

“To be told ‘you haven’t changed anything’ is the greatest compliment you can receive,” said Pierrette Trichet.

Louis XIII The Legacy stands as a monument to the history of Louis XIII, marking the only time when four generations of cellar masters were brought together in a hand-signed testament to their craft. Housed in an elegant, fine Italian calfskin leather coffret, each crystal magnum is personally and directly signed by past and present of Louis XIII cellar masters André Giraud, Georges Clot, Pierrette Trichet and Baptiste Loiseau, and bears a numbered plaque.

With only 500 1.5L decanters available across the world, Louis XIII The Legacy is truly a collector’s item, a prized possession to be treasured. Available for booking now, call 03-28567895 for more information.