Your cupboards and fridge are pretty much bare but for a few random items. “What could you possibly make out of some celery and macaroni noodles?” you think, racking your brain for any recipes.

If you had Whirlpool’s Yummly app, you wouldn’t be here right now.

At the CES trade fair in Las Vegas recently, the appliance company showed off how the app can now recognise various ingredients with its camera and then recommend recipes based on what it sees.

Macaroni and celery? Yummly recommends a noodle salad. Even better, you can filter the recipes based on various diet considerations. Vegan? No problem. Low sodium? Favourite flavours? All considered.

Once you choose the recipe, the app will talk to your Whirlpool devices to start preheating the oven or setting the microwave times, streamlining the entire process while giving step-by-step guidance.

The app, which features two million recipes curated from various sources, also works as a meal planner that can send reminders about what ingredients you need to buy – ensuring that those bare-cupboard days featuring random meals are more of an exception than the rule. – dpa