“We say ‘no’ to sweatpants” reads a sign at the entrance to a cafe in south-western Germany, which has received flak for forbidding guests from wearing the controversial leisure pants.

Although this one cafe seems to suggest we’ll never be able to resolve the debate over whether it’s acceptable to wear of sweatpants in public, the establishment has now decided to embrace the haters, at least for one day.

The cafe held a contest to see who could rock the “sexiest” pair of comfy pants, prompted by International Sweatpants Day on Jan 21.

The event was held in conjunction with a local fashion academy and came with a reward of the equivalent of about US$600 (RM2,360), according to cafe manager Stefan Gauss.

However, Gauss promised that no one would be wearing those “grubby sweatpants you wear while tinkering around the garage” at his Cafe Le Theatre in the city of Stuttgart. – dpa