Life can be pretty boring for a grandparent whose grandkids live too far away for regular visits.

Lee Chan-jae, 76, used to be one of these grandparents. Lee lives in Brazil with his wife, Kyong Ja-ahn. Their daughter, Miru, used to live with them but has since moved back to Korea with her husband and two sons.

When Lee’s grandkids were still in Brazil, he would send them to school every day; that was basically his biggest “job”. Once they left, Lee had nothing much to do but sit around, watching K-dramas all the time.

In an attempt to lift Lee’s spirits up, his son, Ji Lee, got him to start drawing and to post his work on Instagram. This way, Lee’s family (Ji Lee lives in New York) and friends around the world could easily see his work.

Ji Lee explains further the story of how he created the website Drawings For My Grandchildren for his father in a cute video. According to the video, Lee makes one drawing a day as a way to tell stories to his grandkids.

He draws about his life, his family, his past and even Korean culture. His wife helps out with the short stories in Korean, Miru translates them into Portuguese and Ji Lee, into English.

“What was meant just for my grandkids, ended up spreading and getting much bigger than we could ever imagine,” Lee says on his website.

Lee started posting his drawings in 2015 and has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

You can even buy some of his artwork as prints from the website. Proceeds from the sale will go towards funding a project called The Unloneliness Project, and initiative from The Foundation for Art & Healing, and to grandkids’ college funds.

Drawings of his grandkids

Drawings of his past and present