Older feet can be demanding, which makes wearing the right shoes all the more important.

“The best thing to do is to try a pair of shoes on in a good shoe shop,” says Werner Dierolf from the German Association Of Orthopedic Shoe Technology.

A new pair should never pinch, according to Dierolf, and there should be at least one finger width of space at the toecap.

Toes need extra space so they can slide forward when you are walking downhill. It’s also important that the heel fits firmly inside the shoe.

If dizziness is a problem, Dierolf recommends avoiding shoes with a very soft sole.

“Many older people wear spectacles that tend to alter their perspective, and others have problems with their ears,” says Dierolf. Soft-soled footwear can make dizziness worse, he says.

A general rule is, “the buyer should take a few steps with a new pair of shoes before buying them, and wear them for several minutes.” After that, you will know if they are a good buy or not. – dpa


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