Charity dinner and dance aims to raise funds to fulfil last wish of the elderly.

SeniorsAloud community will be holding a charity dinner and dance in Kuala Lumpur in May to raise funds for the elderly.

“I’ve always felt a need to reach out to the elderly who want to fulfil a wish before they die. Often, it is something simple but it means so much to them,” says Lily Fu, 67, founder of SeniorsAloud. SeniorsAloud was started in May 2008 and to-date has 250 members. 

It began as a platform for senior citizens to network online. Members have since decided to meet for activities as well.

“I know of many people in their 50s to 90s who are lonely, depressed or have an unfulfilled wish. It doesn’t take much to make them happy.”

Last year, widow Lai Hon Yin, 56, who has terminal cancer, benefited from the community group’s Grant A Wish For The Elderly project.

“We read about Lai’s case online and visited her at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre,” said Fu, a former teacher. “Lai, a hawker, was worried that she couldn’t pay the house rent as she was unable to work. Her son is a final-year university student. We offered to take care of her rent for 10 months from January till October this year. By then, her son would have completed his studies and hopefully, found a job.”

Fu’s youngest daughter, Belle, inspired her to carry out the Grant A Wish for The Elderly project.

“Belle made a wish come true in 2009 for supercentenarian Teresa Hsu, 112, of Singapore. Hsu’s dream was to re-visit the Lake District in Britain and attend the centennial celebration of the Royal Free Hospital where she had trained as a nurse.”

Hsu passed away a year after her wish was granted.

SeniorsAloud community’s Golden Memories, a charity dinner and dance, will be held at Royal Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur, on May 2. Admission is by donation and proceeds will be channelled to help the elderly in need.