After four years of dating, actress Nora Danish finally married boyfriend Nedim Nazri at a glamorous ceremony in Kuala Lumpur in March. This year, Nora is looking forward to celebrating her first Hari Raya as Nedim’s wife.

“I’m excited because previously I was a single mother for eight years,” the 35-year-old actress said at an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

Nora has one son, Rayqal, eight, from her first marriage, while Nedim, 34, has a six-year-old son from his previous marriage. For the new family’s first Hari Raya, Nora said it will be a “simple affair”.

“We’ll just visit our respective family members in KL. Raya is meant for getting together with family and making time for them,” Nora said. This includes her former in-laws, with whom she has a great relationship.

Nora is revelling in her new life. She looks forward to meals prepared by her husband who loves to cook.

“He makes everything from western food to kampung dishes. Sometimes he’ll make a dish that he learned from YouTube. He likes it when his friends and family get together to eat what he has prepared.”

Nora added that she has put on weight after getting married.

“Some people have thought I was pregnant!” she said laughing.

Nora shared that her husband’s signature dishes include steak, ayam masak cili, crab curry and butter prawns.

When Nora opened her cafe at Bandar Baru Bangi in Selangor last year, Nedim was in charge in the kitchen. “He worked so much in the kitchen until he got blisters on his feet.”

If there is one thing Nora can’t get her husband to do, it is acting with her.

“Although he has been offered (acting opportunities), he always says no.

“I think he’d rather do his own thing. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do a food-travel show together. We’ll see if I can convince him to do that,” she said.

Previously, it was also widely reported that Nora was ready to quit acting at her husband’s request. She clarified saying it is not going to happen any time soon.

“Acting is my passion. I won’t stop now. We were just joking around. I didn’t think that it is an issue,” she said.

Nora has two movies due for release this year, Makrifat Cinta and Indonesian-Malaysian production Bukan Cinta Malaikat.