One of the biggest heartbreaks every parent will most likely experience is when their child tells them, “Your music sucks.”

Okay, maybe that’s stretching it a little but still, it does hurt when kids tell you that they don’t like the music you’re listening to. It hurts even more – and is also quite insulting, to be honest – when they compare the music from your generation with today’s music (George Michael vs Justin Bieber, for example. Yikes.).

The folks from Fine Brothers Entertainment has a number of cute videos featuring kids aged seven to … well, college-going teens talking about and reacting to almost anything that has gone viral online. A few of the videos focus on music from “olden” days like the 1980s. Pfft. Olden indeed.

While you can’t fault the young ones for not being familiar with many of the songs and their artistes, you can put some blame on parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and older relatives who don’t listen enough to ahem, the classics.

Here are some of the said videos by Fine Brothers. Try playing some of the tracks for your own kids – or even your younger colleagues – and record their reaction!