After giving birth to her second child, Heidi, Lovekins founder Amanda Essery (pictured on the left with Heidi) realised her baby had developed eczema.

For those who have a child with eczema, they will understand the challenges that come with the condition – constant itching and discomfort, affecting their sleep, feeding and daily life.

Lovekins is a gentle baby product brand that has recently reached Malaysian shores, brought in by three friends – Melissa Mohan, Kenneth Cheng and Nicole Sia under the company, Our Aman Tree, who are the sole distributors of the brand in South-East Asia.

Essery sourced natural products that would be soothing to childrens’ gentle skin to come up with a formula for products within the Australian brand, which include body wash, baby wipes, sunscreen, massage oil, face cream and more.

Choosing the Kakadu Plum as a main ingredient in the Lovekins range was what gave birth to the formula. The Kakadu Plum comes from the Northern Territory, where Essery was born. The Kakadu Plum is the highest source of vitamin C on the planet, with 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges, and it has strong antioxidant protection.

To introduce Lovekins to Malaysian parents, a small, intimate gathering where products were available for testing was held.

The brand was recently awarded with the honour of “Best Luxury Natural & Organic Baby Skincare Range – Australia” by LUXLife Magazine (United Kingdom).

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A variety of products for sensitive skin by Lovekins.

A variety of products for sensitive skin by Lovekins.