Among the basics that we cannot live without are water, food and, of course, air. Because water and food are amply visible to us, we always ensure their cleanliness before consumption. But what about the air we breathe?

Even though a person breathes in an average 18kg of air every day, many are not aware of the importance of clean air. The fact is, what you don’t see can actually hurt you, and air pollution can certainly adversely affect one’s well-being.

When talking about air pollution, the images that usually pop into the mind are those of vehicle exhausts, dusty streets and the urban outdoors. They make you want to stay indoors, which we often think of as the safest place to be.

However, the air quality in your office or home may be just as polluted or worse, and this is something most of us tend to overlook. Indoor air quality is a significant concern in healthy living as people on average spend more time indoors than outdoors, whether it be at work, in school or at home.

Our living spaces are filled with all kinds of allergens, such as house dust mites, fungi, and pet dander. As we breathe, we also inhale large amounts of these allergens that are circulating in the air or adhere to indoor surfaces. This can cause allergy and asthma.

While some symptoms from this may seem mild, they may escalate and become complex health complications.

Air pollution is not likely to go away, but you can protect yourself. To improve the comfort of your home and your overall health, you need quality air, and one solution towards this end is Panasonic’s air conditioners, which deliver more than just cooling or heating solutions.

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Equipped with the new Skywing, the Sky Series air conditioner features an innovative top flap design which maximises airflow for consistent cooling experience.

nanoe Technology

With nanoe technology, Panasonic is able to provide total air solutions that offer quality indoor air to create fresher and cleaner living spaces for the well-being of your family.

nanoe is a nano-sized water particle generated from moisture in the air, and contains highly reactive components known as hydroxyl (OH) radicals. Its effectiveness on bacteria, viruses and odour compounds depends on the number of OH radical, which is generated at the rate of 480 billion per second.

Apart from offering cooler and cleaner air, Panasonic air conditioners with nanoe technology also helps you to retain the moisture of hair and skin.

In addition, the nanoe technology air purification system is able to function even when the cooling mode is turned off. It can operate on fan mode, consuming only 25W with the nanoe mode on, which is equivalent to the power requirement of a LED light bulb.


nanoe-G, Panasonic’s original air-purifying and filtering system, has been well received in South-East Asia, mainly due to increasing concern over air pollution especially during haze situations.

Its generators release three trillion negative ions and has been proven to be 99% effective in removing airborne dust particles as small as PM2.5, which can easily enter our lungs, posing potential health risks. These particles include bacteria, viruses and mould.

The air purification system also deactivates adhesive micro-organisms and deodorises adhesive odours. This prevents mould growth in surrounding surfaces and the trapped particles are deactivated by the positively-charged filter.

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nanoe X deactivating allergens, bacteria and viruses.

nanoe X

Panasonic’s unwavering commitment to improving its customers’ quality of life continues with the introduction of an improved nanoe technology in 2016 – nanoe X. This unique technology is a revolutionary air purification system that is not only effective in dust removal, but is able to deodorise and prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.

The latest innovation produces 10 times (or 4.8 trillion) more OH radicals, resulting in outstanding performance in combating bacteria, viruses and allergens, while deodorising strong and unpleasant odours.

Equipped with nanoe technology, Panasonic’s Sky and Aero Series air conditioners are set to create a fresher and cleaner living space by removing up to 99% of pollutants, leaving you with cool, clean air.

Sky Series

Equipped with the new Skywing, the Sky Series air conditioner features an innovative top flap design which maximises airflow for consistent cooling experience.

It has 12 vanes and is 53% wider in size to better distribute cool air to a broader area. With the Radiant Cooling feature, the air-conditioner’s multi-directional arm can be adjusted to better direct cool air towards the ceiling and walls, and is able to cools a room without direct airflow wider airflow to remove trapped heat.

The Sky Series also sports an additional dust sensor, which constantly monitors air quality and automatically activates nanoe technology when a high level of dust particle concentration is detected.

Aero Series

The Aero Series uses Aerowings with twin flaps, controlled by two independent motors and dual independent flaps, to deliver concentrated airflow across the room through direct (fast cooling) and indirect cooling (shower cooling).

When the Aerowings angle downwards, the concentrated airflow cools instantly at startup, and when they angle upwards, cool air is spread over a wider area, then showers down evenly across the room after reaching a set temperature.

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nanoe X is much smaller than a steam particle so it can deeply penetrate into cloth fabrics to inhibit allergens, bacteria and viruses.


Energy Saving & Precise Temperature Control

A conventional non-inverter air conditioner can only operate at a constant speed that is too powerful to maintain the set temperature. Thus, it switches the compressor on and off repeatedly. This results in wider temperature fluctuations leading to wasteful consumption of energy.

Panasonic’s inverter reduces power consumption by varying the speed of the compressor according to temperature changes with the aim of minimising the temperature fluctuations for consistent cooling comfort.

Enjoy Ultimate Comfort With Energy Savings

Econavi is a high-precision sensor technology that detects where energy is usually wasted and then adjusts cooling power according to room conditions and activity levels.

Sustainable Refrigerant

Committed to healthier lifestyles and to reducing environmental footprint, Panasonic’s air conditioners have increasingly been adopting the more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. The R32 has low global warming potential and yet it is an excellent heat transfer medium, which leads to greater energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.