The exam period is always a time of anxiety and nervousness for both children and parents. It is the time when children’s energy levels are being spent the most on homework, additional classes, tuition sessions, study groups, and the list goes on. With so much going on, children need to have sufficient energy so they can keep up with their day, more so during this exam season.

Revision is often seen as the priority by the parents. Children also spend most of their time on doing revision this exam season. However, is revision alone sufficient to help the child to be at their best? Parents would also need to consider other aspects such as making sure that their children are getting enough rest, while ensuring that they are well hydrated and having a nutritionally balanced diet.

Complete your child’s morning with a cup of MILO and balanced breakfast for efficient energy release.

One of the ways to ensure that children have the energy they need through the day is to start the morning with a nutritious and balanced breakfast. Breakfast is an important aspect of a child’s day as it helps to replenish the energy loss during and after an overnight fast. The effect of skipping breakfast goes beyond just having an empty stomach. When children are hungry, they may experience difficulty in staying focused on the activity they are engaged in. As a result, they might not have sufficient energy to get through their morning, especially during this crucial exam season.

Give your child a balanced breakfast to help them stay active and alert.

One of the findings in MyBreakfast Study (2015) on school children in Malaysia showed an association between breakfast skipping and low physical activity levels. Low physical activity levels were higher among breakfast skippers than breakfast eaters. “Having a balanced and nutritious breakfast can help to provide the energy for your child to stay alert and physically active to maintain a healthy body weight,” says Jason Tan, Nutritionist at Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

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