Show Time : 16-Jan-2019
12:00am Flower Ring
2:00am Transmission Ends
6:00am CJ Wow Shop
9:30am Family Humour Competition
10:30am My Twin Lover
11:30am Legend of Taiwan
12:30pm Mid Day Mandarin News
1:00pm My Sister
2:00pm Living Delight
3:00pm 8 E-News
3:30pm 100% Wife
4:30pm Lightning
5:30pm I Am a Big Doctor
6:00pm Tian Xia Liang Tian
7:00pm A Fist Within Four Walls
8:00pm Mandarin News
8:35pm Ashes of Love
9:30pm Till We Meet Again
10:30pm Mama Fairy & the Woodcutter
11:30pm Global Watch 2018
12:00am A Legend of Princess Lanling

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