Malaysian productions will be gaining some international exposure, as Netflix is making three local films and two TV shows available to subscribers outside of Malaysia.

Romantic comedy Sejoli: Misi Cantas Cinta (starring Maya Karin and Remy Ishak) and Chinese drama series Persona (starring Jojo Goh and Kyo Chen) are now available on Netflix.

Zombie comedy KL Zombi (starring Zizan Razak and Siti Saleha), comedy Rembat (starring Shaheizy Sam and Ah Niu) and Malay-language drama series Hati Perempuan (starring Saharul Ridzwan, Mia Ahmad and Hafreez Adam) will be available on Aug 21.

A Netflix spokesperson told in an e-mail interview how the five titles were chosen: “All shows are selected specifically with a global audience in mind – especially those that celebrate local storytelling as well.

“We also believe in shows with good stories that travel globally, and hope to surprise and delight our members both in and outside of Malaysia with such quality content.”

Hafreez, who has a lead role on Hati Perempuan, says he was thrilled to hear the news: “(It feels) surreal. I guess nothing is impossible. To have people from other countries watch me or my series, that’s just amazing.”

The 28-episode drama centres on a handsome, wealthy businessman who falls for an ambitious architect, but her heart is set on another.

While the shows will not be available in all the 190 countries where Netflix is present, they will, however, be shown in a few major markets.

“For now, these new Malaysian titles will be available to members in regions such as US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and certain countries within Asia.”

The spokesperson adds the Internet television service provider is working to include more Malaysian titles in the future.

“We are always looking to add new shows to our catalogue that fit the preferences and tastes of all our members; and thus, continually improve their viewing experience.”