Acress Risteena Munim nearly fainted on the set of TV drama Gaduh-Gaduh Sayang.

In the 26-episode romantic-comedy (currently airing Fridays to Sundays at 7pm on TV1), Risteena plays the daughter of a wealthy family, Syazana, who is forced to marry Rafiqi (Shukri Yahaya), the son of another affluent family.

But both Syazana and Rafiqi don’t want to marry each other. They come up with creative ways turn one another off. She wears a fat suit while he puts on fake crooked teeth and sports a bulging belly.

“That was a real challenge. I had latex on my face and I had to wear a fat suit that was made of very thick materials. It was really hot.

“As I had the suit on for 12 hours, I got so tired. I felt light-headed and dizzy, and nearly fainted. It was such a challenge just to go to the toilet!” she says.

Even so, Risteena says playing Syazana was a good experience and she is grateful for the opportunity.

The 27-year-old actress, who rose to prominence after starring in 2013’s Playboy Itu Suami Aku opposite Fattah Amin, has been stepping out of her comfort zone quite a bit lately.

Risteena says she’s generally a wimp yet she will be starring in the upcoming horror flick, Blok 404, a reboot of a local film of the same name released on VCD in 2003.

“I’m a scaredy-cat. That’s why I’ve never taken on roles in horror films until now. For Blok 404, there were a lot of night shoots at locations that looked pretty scary. But in the end, it turned out OK. It wasn’t too difficult.”

One of the reasons why Risteena put aside her fears for the job was the fact that she is a fan of the original movie.

“When I first heard about the project, I went, ‘What Blok 404? Isn’t this the famous film I saw when I was a kid? Now I get to be a part of this movie?’ I got really excited,” she says.

Blok 404, slated for release at the end of the year, centres on a couple (played by Amar Asyraf and Nadia Brian) on vacation at a guesthouse and the mysterious goings-on that take place there.


Risteena Munim put on a fat suit for her role in Gaduh-Gaduh Sayang. Photo: Instagram

“Some conflicts begin to rise when the couple checks in and because Misha works there as a caretaker, she is dragged in to the conflict as well,” she says of her character.

After Blok 404, viewers will be seeing the actress on the big screen again, having recently completed filming the action movie, Qhaliq, which chronicles the life of firefighters.

“Being a firefighter isn’t easy, I signed on to this role because I wanted to show people the sacrifices a firefighter makes,” shares Risteena who plays the daughter of a firefighter in the film.

Qhaliq focuses on their work, their sacrifices, how they risk their lives for others, and their relationships with their family.”