Uqasha Senrose has been receiving harsh comments on social media because of her role as a villain on Hero Seorang Cinderella.

However, the 24-year-old actress takes those comments as a positive sign. “If people don’t like my character, that means I have played the role convincingly,” she reasons.

Similar to the well-known fairytale, Hero Seorang Cinderella centres on Medina (Fazura) who is constantly oppressed by her stepsister Puteri (Uqasha) and stepmother Puan Sri Mawar (Zizie Izette). In walks Tengku Ian (Fattah Amin), who discovers the mistreatment that Medina endures in her own family. Hero Seorang Cinderella is helmed by Michael Ang.

“My character isn’t evil the whole way through, there is goodness in her which audiences will soon see,” Uqasha adds.

Uqasha also talks about working with Fazura on the drama, revealing she’s a big fan of the actress. “She taught me a lot. I would ask her questions and she doesn’t hold back on her knowledge and in giving me positive feedback. And if I can’t do something, she encourages me, she never brings me down or displays any diva behaviour.” 

The final episode of Hero Seorang Cinderella is on June 29 at 10pm, on Astro Ria (Ch 104).