From family dramas to spiritual journeys and reflective talk shows, there are plenty of programmes to watch on TV in the month of June. Here is our selection of some of those shows.


Inspirasi Ramadan

Saturdays, 11pm

Follow the lives of an Uber driver, a tour guide, a barber in jail and more in this anthology drama series. Some of the titles in the series include Maafkan Aku Ibu, Jalan Taubat, Isteri Kedua and Ampunilah Aku Ayah. Featuring actors Fasha Sandha, Azrel Ismail and Faye Kusairi.

Tukar-Tukar Menu

Monday to Thursday, 12.30pm

Cat returns to her hometown to care for her ailing mother Mak Ati. She starts a food stall business that becomes an immediate favourite with folks in her hometown. This causes a rift between her and Shak, a man who has his own food business. How will they learn to get along? Starring Izreen Azminda, Chef Fikree Azman and Norlia Ghani.

Jejak Rasul As Salam

Friday to Sunday, 6.30pm

This show takes viewers on a journey to Palestine, Turkey and Jordan to study historical religious artefacts. With the theme “The remains of the prophets and its authenticity”, host Da’i Tajdid Hadhari shares what he has learned and researched throughout his travels.


Azrel is one of the stars in anthology series Inspirasi Ramadan. Photo: TV3


Sundays, 6pm

Hosts Chiwan and Haziq introduce some notable late-night eating spots. This is made for viewers looking for a bite to eat after Tarawih prayers around mosques in the Klang Valley. Watch out for appearances by celebrities Amar Asyraf, Nazrief Nazri and Nina Iskandar.

Surat Mati Abah

Saturday, 10pm

A few days before the month of Ramadan, Pian goes missing. Pian’s wife Huda clings on to the hope that he is still alive amid rumours that he drowned. Then comes the shocking news that Pian’s body has been discovered in the jungle alongside his former lover Siti. What happened before his death? This telemovie stars Aida Aris, Raysha Rizrose and Ezany Nizariff.


Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadan S10

TV1, daily, 12.30pm

This 30-episode programme features celebrities like Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Elly Mazlein and Shah Jazle sharing their favourite recipes for viewers to try at home. Hosted by Sheila Rusly.

Seharum Mawar

TV1, daily, 7pm

Syakir is reeling from the death of his wife. Enter Mawar, a woman who works at his home as a maid. He starts to develop feelings for her. However, Syakir’s brother Farhan threatens to put a stop to the blossoming relationship as he does not approve of Mawar’s lowly status. Can Mawar prevail against her odds? This 30-episode drama stars Fezrul Khan, Ika Nabila and Hafidz Roshdi.

Cerita Ramadan Hazim

TV2, Monday to Saturday, 10.30am

Hazim is a boy who dreams of reuniting everyone in his family for a meaningful Syawal celebration. He collects old photographs and gets in touch with estranged family members to remind them of the wonderful times they had. Will he succeed? This is a 26-episode series starring Harris Latif, Kodi Rasheed and Syafie Naswip.


Ngaji Bersama Sharifah Khasif & Ustaz Don Daniyal

Astro Oasis, Ch 106, Monday to Friday, 8am

In this interactive edutainment programme, hosts Sharifah Khasif and Ustaz Don Daniyal invite viewers to immerse in the meaning of Quranic verses. Viewers are welcomed to share their thoughts with the hosts.


Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is the host of new talk show Inspirasi Taqwa Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. Photo: The Star/Sia Hong Kiau

Inspirasi Taqwa Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Astro Oasis, Ch 106, Wednesdays, 7.30pm

Renowned singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is the host of this new talk show that explores issues related to women.

Cerita Dari Mastika

Astro Prima, Ch 105, Wednesdays, 10.30pm

Since 1951, Mastika the monthly magazine has been captivating readers with its many mysterious and scary stories that are supposedly true. Now, catch the adaptation of some of these stories that have been entertaining us for more than six decades in this new weekly series.

Hero Seorang Cinderella

Astro Ria, Ch 104, Monday to Thursday, 10pm

Can the mysterious Tengku Ian Uzzam win the heart of headstrong and independent Nura Medina? Find out in this drama featuring the much talked-about pairing of actors Fattah Amin and Fazura.

Mengaji Bersama Upin & Ipin

Astro Ceria, Ch 611, daily, 6.15pm

This educational programme featuring popular cartoon characters Upin and Ipin is made for young viewers who are learning how to read the Quran.


Dapur Bujang Western

Hypp Sensasi, Ch 116, Sundays, 5pm

Is it possible to make a Western meal for one with just RM20? Host and chef Fendi finds out in this cooking show geared towards single people and those who are living on a tight budget.

Dapur Dara Ramadan

Hypp Inspirasi, Ch 111, Monday to Friday, 7pm

Well, host Liana Awang thinks you can make more than two types of buka puasa meals with just RM10. How does she do it? Tune in to find out as she will also share some money-saving tips for Ramadan.

Keluarga Somat Ramadan

Pesona HD, Ch 115, Monday to Friday, 3.30pm

In this animated series, Somat is a kid learning to fast for the first time. He looks forward to seeing what his mum makes for buka puasa every day. Premieres on June 15.

Setia Menunggu Mu

Salam HD, Ch 113, Fridays, 6pm

This drama directed by award-winning actor Rusdi Ramli is about the hardship faced by a drug addict in raising a child he found abandoned on the streets. Will the child grow up and repay the dedication of the man who raised him? Or will he shun him like everyone else? This 13-episode series stars Saharul Ridzwan, Zizan Nin and Niena Baharun. Premieres on June 16.