Fans, wrestlemaniacs and countrymen, lend the Dwaynester your ears – but keep your feet, since you’ll need them to carry you to the Chin Woo Stadium in Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur, on Sept 17 for … WrestleCon 2016!

The sixth annual convention of all things wrestling will be on from noon to 6pm. From a WWE 2K16 video game tournament to a cosplay competition (win a hoverboard, hoodies and bling!) and even an arm wrestling challenge, as well as exhibition booths, merchandise displays and sales, WrestleCon will have it all under one roof for fans.

But wait, there’s more. There will also be a series of matches – the gusti starts at around 4pm – put together by Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MYPW), which is our country’s very own professional wrestling body.

According to the organisers’ Facebook page, fans can look forward to some pretty awesome matches. The “Nusantara Prince”, Shaukat, will take on Malaysia’s Ultimate Troll, The D. Their clash has been building up for some time, with The D interfering, distracting, taunting and even shackling his foe. It’s for all the marbles – the MYPW World To Regional Championship, which is currently around The D’s waist. Will Shaukat reclaim his belt and put an end to this year-long feud?

There’ll be a tussle of the powerhouses in MYPW too, as Furious Faizal defends his MYPW WrestleCon Championship against A-5th. Apparently, Faizal didn’t take kindly to the idea of having another big guy around and turned on A-5th at the VAX 2016 event – only his target didn’t just roll over, but fought back. Now, the champ finds himself having to fend off the challenger in a Falls Count Anywhere match! Better hold on to your popcorn and kuaci, you never know when these behemoths might come crashing into your row in a bid to score that precious 1-2-3.

It sure sounds like a lot of fun is in store for attendees. Only thing is, you’ll need to contact the organisers (Peminat Gusti Malaysia, Malaysian Wrestling Club and MYPW), to find out if there are any tickets (priced at RM30) left.

Contact MWC president Belvin Gill at 016-348 0944 or e-mail, or find them on Facebook. Be there, and be part of some true-blue, home-grown squared-circle action!