Ever wondered what’s it like growing up in a house with nine other siblings?

Well, Nickelodeon’s new animated series, The Loud House, will give you a taste of that – from waiting in line for the bathroom at home to having a lack of personal space.

The creator of The Loud House, Chris Savino – very much like the cartoon’s main character Lincoln – comes from a family of 10, being the ninth child with five sisters and four brothers. Born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan in the US, Savino moved to California in 1990 at the age of 19 to look for a job. A year later, he landed his first gig as a layout artist with The Ren & Stimpy Show.

“John Kricfalusi gave me my chance, he gave me my start and I’m forever grateful to him for that, … all I needed was that chance,” said the 45-year-old cartoonist in a recent phone interview.

As a child, Savino loved comics and wanted to draw comic strips for newspapers. It was not until his senior year at high school when he realised one could make a career from making cartoons on TV. He then switched gears and became interested in animation.

the loud house

Director of The Loud House, Chris Savino grew up with four brothers and five sisters, which inspired the story of the show.

The Loud House has a comic strip look to it because it’s my homage to the things that I loved growing up, which was reading comics,” explained Savino.

While the story of Lincoln is inspired by Savino’s life growing up with 10 siblings, he said that he is totally opposite from the character he draws. “Lincoln’s the type of kid who always has a plan. If there’s something that he wants, and he knows that he has 10 siblings who are basically obstacles, then he’s going to do what it takes to get what he wants,” explained Savino.

“I’m the quiet one in the family compared to the rest of my siblings. Because I could draw, I would sneak away to draw or to read comics.”

As the director of The Loud House, Savino explained his role was to oversee every aspect of the production phase, from writing to designing and editing. Even though Savino is the director, he makes sure everyone in his team feels the importance of their roles in the making of the show.

Savino instills a sense of ownership to the people who are working on the show and allows their input to make them feel like they’re contributing, and not merely following his instructions. This allows them to bring their particular talent to the table to make The Loud House a better show.

And like most shows on Nickelodeon, The Loud House has a moral story in each episode. Savino gave an example of a childhood memory of his siblings fighting one minute, and playing catch the next.

“We want to give that impression in The Loud House that while we live in this crazy household, and we often fight but we also love each other,” said Savino.