Nobody does commitment like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The former professional wrestler’s successful crossover to Hollywood stardom in 2001 was fuelled by that very commitment.

According to, the 44-year-old star gets up at 4am to start a 50-minute cardio session almost every day. After that, he gets breakfast and then continues working out at the gym for two hours, and he maintains this routine six times a week.

His exercise regimen pays off as he definitely looks the part of burly NFL player-turned-financial manager Spencer Strasmore in the HBO series Ballers. Looking the part is one thing, Johnson is also committed to drawing in viewers to watch the show.

In a photoshoot to promote the latest season, Johnson got into a tub full of ice just to highlight how NFL players recover from a gruelling match. He explained in a behind-the-scenes clip: “Bags and bags and bags of real ice. It sucks. It is no joke. The worst thing is the best thing in terms of healing your injuries. It also does fun things to male body parts.”

Ouch. He added: “All jokes aside, that’s what we do on Ballers. We try to be as authentic as possible with the stories that we’re telling.”

Did you know that Johnson also has no qualms about showing off his butt if the role calls for it? As his Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart told him on E!: “The audience that we want, wants your butt.”

Luckily for Ballers, Johnson has no problem with that. “The commitment that I give to our show, for the movie and to our fans, is to show the butt.” Ballers S2 premieres on July 18 at 10am on HBO (Astro Ch 411).

From Mitch Buchannon to Luke Hobbs.. For #BAYWATCH I came in at 238lbs of lean, mean, rated R comedy machine. Plus, I had to be leaner cause we had to look at my boy @zacefron’s insanely ripped 28 pack abs every day.. *yawn. For #FastAndFurious8 I’m stepping on set 260lbs of the meanest, strongest and most highly funny & entertaining shit talkin’ version of Hobbs the franchise has ever seen. The 6,000 calorie per day diet, training and focus is hard core. When you see #Fast8 it’ll all make sense. And when you see where we’re going with the character in the future it’ll really make sense – and you guys’ll reaaaaallly dig it. #Hobbs #1GraveDigger #AhOOO #Fast8 (s/o to my brotha @therealtechn9ne.. we out here handlin’ this business).

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