TVB and Astro recently launched a new package known as TVB Jade Pack, and engaged several TVB stars for the promotional activities in Malaysia. took the opportunity to catch up with some gossip on some of our favourite TVB stars.

Benjamin Yuen, Tony Hung, and Grace Chan, were prodded by media to reveal their marriage plans.

While trying to assist his workmates Chan and Hung in evading media’s questions about their relationships, Yuen inadvertently revealed that he had been living with his girlfriend for quite some time.

The 35-year-old winner of Mr Hong Kong 2007 has been dating Jennifer Shum, 27, Miss Photogenic of the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, for two years and has said that she is his ideal marriage partner.

It was recently rumoured that Hung, 32, had proposed a live-in arrangement with his girlfriend Natalie Tong, 35, but she said no. When asked about the rumours, Hung admitted: “I hope to move towards this stage.” The two met on the set of 2014 TVB romantic drama Rear View Mirror, and reportedly started dating then.

The 24-year-old Chan reportedly started dating 46-year-old fellow TVB actor Kevin Cheng after they met on the set of TVB supernatural drama Blue Veins. Chan played coy and successfully evaded most of the questions about her relationship. But, the Hong Kong-born Canadian actress, and winner of both the 2013 Miss Hong Kong and the 2014 Miss Chinese International Pageant titles, shared that she is serious about her relationship with Cheng and wants to get married in Canada and raise her kids there.

Dubbed the Rumour Queen by gossip rags in Hong Kong, the 25-year-old Sisley Choi has been rumoured to be with a whole list of Hong Kong artistes: Him Law, Ruco Chan, Adrian Chau, Mak Chau Sing, Tony Hung, etc.

However, the first runner-up of the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, has refuted all the rumours. “All the rumours are just that; they are not real. I like making friends and I just hope to film more dramas,” said the former beauty queen who stars in four TVB drama series this year: Speed Of Life, Fashion War, Accident, Peculiar Taste.

Bowie Wu.

Zowie, it’s Bowie Wu. – Filepic

Who knows how Wu Fung became known as Bowie Who? Not many people do. In fact, even the veteran entertainer himself did not. When asked about it, the 84-year-old Hong Kong star, whose real name is Wu Kai-Sau, confessed that he was just as perplexed as to the origins of the name.

“People used to asked me whether I had an English name. I would say yes, it’s Wu Fung. Then, someone told me that there were people who were saying that my name was Bowie. I tried to trace the origins, but couldn’t find the source. And it spread so fast that people from Singapore, Malaysia and America were all calling me Bowie. So, I had no choice but to go with it.”