Before becoming major stars of the small and big screens, Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty starred together in the Michael Lehmann dark comedy movie Heathers.

Ryder – more known than her co-stars thanks to her role in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice – stepped into the shoes of Veronica Sawyer, a high school student accepted into a clique of rich, popular and heartlessly cruel girls, all called Heather.

After tiring of the gang’s bullying behaviour and manipulative ways, Veronica is keen to go back to her old life and her old group of friends.

The TV reboot will turn the movie into an anthology, changing the characters and the setting each season, in a similar approach to the FX series Fargo. TV Land also plans to change the main characters to bring them more up to date. Heather Duke, played in the movie by Doherty, will become a cross-dressing man whose real name is Heath.

Heather McNamara (Lisa Falk) will be an Afro-American lesbian and Heather Chandler (Kim Walker) will be obese.

Heathers is the second remake in store for TV Land, along with The First Wives Club, based on the 1996 movie starring Diane Keaton, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn. The new version will be based on three old friends who studied together at university in the 1990s. Following the death of a close friend, they get back in contact and end up helping each other through their divorces and the other challenges life throws in their path. – AFP Relaxnews