What does one of the most beautiful actresses in the country feel most insecure about when it comes to her appearance?

“I get insecure about my body, although I work hard on my body. The part I’m always insecure with is my tummy,” shares Fazura, 32. “I’m always eating. Every two hours I’m munching on something and it’s not the small stuff. I don’t do chips; I do whole meals – steaks, pastas, everything and anything.”

“I try to be confident but sometimes I feel insecure too,” she confesses.

Fazura, who hails from Pekan in Pahang, is no stranger to opening up about her insecurities and struggles, being the star of her very own reality show Facing Up To Fazura which premiered in December 2014 on the E! channel.

“I don’t get any more negativity from the press or anything else bad written about me. It’s not that easy to just say whatever about me now because my fans get to see me for who I am and learn about me on the show,” she says, adding that Facing Up To Fazura has exposed her to Malaysian fans from all races and even foreigners too.

It’s been a good year for Fazura. Not only is the reality show returning for a second season, she picked up the coveted Best Actress award at the Malaysian Film Festival for her role in Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia. 

“I wish I had worn waterproof mascara,” says the actress who teared up when she accepted the award. “So now everyone remembers Fazura’s speech and her black tears.”

Next up, Fazura will be starring in an Indonesian film, Bulan Terbelah Di Langit Amerika, and word on the street is, she auditioned for a Hollywood movie too!

1. What’s new with Facing Up To Fazura?

If you see me crying a lot in the first season, this season I’m crying so much more! (laughs)

There’s a lot of things, I won Best Actress at FFM, my fashion show was a success, I lost a manager and have a lot of secrets I cannot reveal now. I’m also a producer on the show this season which pushes me to be more open.

2. You recently auditioned for a Hollywood film. What was that like?

The first question I was asked during the audition was, ‘why did I want this role?’. And I said I wanted the experience. I’ve been here in Malaysia and I’ve succeeded I think. I won best actress. This is my playground.

I’ve never really gone for an audition because I get roles offered to me in Malaysia. So walking into an audition for a foreign film is such a big deal. I haven’t done that in 10 years.

The director was very fierce, he doesn’t care who you are. That was a humbling experience. You’ll see the whole process on the show. It took a lot of myself, my talent. Just when you think you’ve got it, you haven’t.

3. What’s the most ridiculous rumour you’ve heard of yourself?

That I’ve had surgeries from head to toe and nothing is real. They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, you’ve had a hair transplant, a nose job, a chin job, you had your skin bleached, a butt job’. Those things used to hurt me but nowadays I laugh at it. I’m like, ‘Sure, yeah, everything’s fake’.

4. Is there a disadvantage to being beautiful?

A lot of guys would just go for your looks. It’s not something I’m not grateful for; a lot of girls wish guys would approach them. You meet guys and they’re completely drawn to your beauty, and not for wanting to get to know you better.

It happens on a daily basis. I try to not look at guys when they stare at me. Sometimes when they look at you, they want to eat you. Its’ such a turn-off to me. That’s so disrespectful. I like guys who are intelligent and are respectful.

Being an actress and having a good gut feeling about things, no matter how you think you’re trying to cover up the fact that you’re lusting over a woman, I know. I can sense when a guy is sincere or not. That’s why I’m still single. (laughs)

5. Any plans to settle down?

I used to have the idea that a woman’s fate lay in marrying someone and having kids. That’s it, that’s what a woman should be.

But now, I feel I’m blessed to be sitting here, not married and feel like I have achieved everything.

I’ve dodged so many bullets in the past. I feel like God has saved me so many times from a lot of things I thought I wanted or people I thought was good for me.

I’m beginning to see there’s more to life. I’ve had the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be with someone for four or five years and that was enough for me to learn that I am not designed to settle down.

Today, if people say my name, it’s just me. It used to be “Fazura, someone’s girlfriend.” I’ve achieved everything by myself.

But I applaud women who are married and are raising kids. It’s not easy; it’s not something I can do now. At the same time, I admire women who live on their own and are not married. I am OK with these two possibilities.

Facing Up To Fazura premieres Nov 1 at 10pm on E! (Astro Ch 712).