Don’t you just hate it when your friends from overseas post spoilers of your favourite TV shows on social media? Now you can catch the latest episodes of the shows you love (and beat your friends to it) with Astro’s Same Day As The US campaign.

Astro Content Management Group’s vice president Agnes Rozario said in a press statement: “Malaysians can join the global conversation around these series as they premiere. Working with our channel partners we have become the destination for the latest series offered fastest from the United States.

“Last year we had 15 titles launched; this year we have 25 to kick off the Fall season and we will continue to curate the best and most relevant titles to offer the best entertainment experience for our customers.”

Among the titles are Quantico, Heroes Reborn, Empire, Downton Abbey, Scandal, Sleepy HollowThe Good Wife, The Walking Dead and The Voice.