Sazzy Falak is the host of How Do I Look? Asia. Photos: Raymond Ooi

Sazzy Falak is the host of How Do I Look? Asia. Photos: Raymond Ooi

It’s hard to keep up with Sazzy Falak these days.

The petite Kuala Lumpur-born beauty has just come off a hectic stint at KL Fashion Week where she presented her latest collection, Warisan Chik, from her clothing line Street Fashion.

The newly-minted host of How Do I Look? Asia barely has time to catch her breath before she is whisked away to press events in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia to promote the show.

“I need to go for a diving holiday,” says the busy Sazzy, sporting a casual long black dress and a stylish bob, during an interview with Star2 at Menara Star, Petaling Jaya.

How Do I Look? Asia is the Asian edition of the popular American reality makeover series of the same name which seeks to give everyday “fashion-challenged” women from across Asia a makeover.

To help the women transform into their new looks, two collection of outfits will be proposed, one by family members or friends of the participant and the other by professional guest stylists such as Elle Malaysia editor-in-chief Andrea Wong and Taiwanese fashion designer Zachary Wu. The participant will then make a choice between the two collections.

Sazzy, who has made a name for herself both as an actress and TV host over the years, says filming the series was unlike anything she has experienced before.

“I’ve been doing hosting for a while and it’s always been just sitting down and interviewing people and asking them about their latest album or their latest movies and such. But this time around I have to come from a place of love,” says the 34-year-old mother of two.

“These people that come on the show, most of them have never been on TV. So first of all its easing them into the show.”

Sazzy plays an important role in making the women feel comfortable and relaxed enough to share their story. “It’s not just because they didn’t know how to style or dress, there is a story to why they dress the way they do,” she explains.

She shares her thoughts on her new role, looking beautiful on the inside and the current local fashion scene.

How did the opportunity to host How Do I Look? Asia come about?

Last year, the show’s producer Karen (Wiggins), who was producing Facing Up To Fazura at the time, called me up saying she thinks there might be a show suitable for me.

We did a mini-audition and I didn’t hear anything from her after that. Suddenly I got a confirmation (for the job) back in February. Karen said I had that motherly approach maybe because I’m a mother and I’ve been hosting and I do fashion. She thought these three was a great combination.

Does one need to change the way they look to be beautiful?

The clothes and the hair, yes, it is beauty on the outside but an integral part of the show is getting them to realise that beauty starts from within. But the process is what makes the show powerful. You can’t just sit down and talk and discover that you’re beautiful. There has to be a process.

So, me talking, then an intervention from a friend and help from a celebrity stylist whom they have never met (is what they need).

Then, there’s the second process where they try on different clothes. A lot of people have not even tried on a dress. You need these other little steps and then go “I’m feeling a bit different with this dress, I guess I am beautiful.”

So, we’re not saying if you change your dress you’ll look more beautiful; once you appreciate yourself and let yourself be dressed in a nicer way, that might ignite something within yourself.

Is there a participant’s story that’s particularly close to your heart?

All of them have a special place in my heart but there’s this one girl whose life has been about serving others. She had issues that she didn’t even reveal to her loved ones which she did on the show.

What was powerful was she was not afraid to be honest. A lot of women out there are still afraid to be honest even with themselves. I tear up when I think about her journey.

What is the one thing you’ve noticed about the way Asian women dress?

The women are very family-oriented and grounded, that’s the Asian culture. It translates into their dressing and being. Most of them are concerned about what their family members would think while in the American version of the show, they just dress up and don’t care about what their family members would think.

What do you think of the current Malaysian fashion scene?

It’s finally moving and I love that. Having KL Fashion Week provides a platform for these amazingly talented designers.

A lot of Malaysian celebrities are also proudly wearing local designers on the red carpet and at events.

At one point, it was like we just wore international labels. I have been going around getting clothes from my Malaysian designers so I can wear them for my Asian press tour!

How Do I Look? Asia airs every Monday at 8pm on Diva (Astro Ch 702).