Here are 10 TV show “spoilers” that can be discussed in public without warning.

1. Dr McDreamy gets bad medical care on Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s see: Actor feuds with producers and talks extensively about his desire to leave a show. How did we think this would turn out?

2. Walter White dies at the end of Breaking Bad. And Hamlet dies at the end of Hamlet. It’s what happens at the conclusion of a tragedy. What is important is how Walt dies and what his death means.

3. The girls of Orphan Black are clones. Yes, it is an important reveal in S1. Then again, if you didn’t figure that out weeks before the reveal, then this show is over your head.

4. Matthew Crawley of Downton Abbey is a bad driver. The death of Dan Stevens’ character was one of the worst-kept secrets in television history. Stevens quit the series to make movies months before S3 played in the US. We all knew he was going to die, but no one could have predicted the artless way his demise was worked into the story.

5. Eddard Stark gets executed on Game Of Thrones. The entire show rests on Eddard being killed at the end of S1 and his heirs scattered. It’s what Game Of Thrones is about. “Spoiling” this is like spoiling that Star Trek takes place in the future.

6. There are no answers to Lost. Before anyone invests 100 hours or so in watching Lost, they should be aware that the many riddles posed in the first six seasons will not be answered in the seventh. What do 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 signify? How did the island lure the castaways? Why was Walt so important? You will never find out.

7. The Sopranos cuts to black. It is difficult to be alive in the 21st century and not be aware of the final image of HBO’s groundbreaking series. Besides, knowing this tells you absolutely nothing about the 86 episodes that preceded it.

8. Carrie marries Big in Sex And The City. This was such an unsatisfying and illogical ending to an otherwise fun series that all prospective viewers should be warned in advance to avoid TV breakage.

9. No.6 is No.1 in The Prisoner. This psychedelic 1960s relic was hard to follow, but if you didn’t figure the answer to “Who is No. 1?” by Episode 2, you were doing too many drugs. The real mystery – one still up for discussion – is not who is No. 1, but why is he No. 1? Plus, the reveal happened nearly 50 years ago.

10. Series based on history are fair game. I’ve got some bad news: Anne Boleyn gets beheaded in Wolf Hall and The Tudors. Thomas Cromwell, too. Julius Caesar’s friends stab him to death in Rome.

5 spoilers you probably shouldn’t reveal

Laura Palmer hates spoilers.

1. The rest of those Game Of Thrones deaths. This show kills off regular characters with alarming regularity, and rarely with warning. Best to let the uninitiated go wander as unspoiled as possible – although there has been so much talk about the “red wedding” that most will figure that one out.

2. The identity of A. The whole point of Pretty Little Liars is discovering just who A is. But it’s OK to tell prospective viewers that the answer keeps changing and you’re not really sure the writers even know.

3. The end of S2 of Homeland. This is the kind of twist that is both a complete surprise and yet intrinsic to what happens afterward. Let the newbies enjoy it.

4. What happens between Dexter Morgan and the Trinity Killer. The climax of S4 of Dexter is perfectly shocking and shockingly perfect.

5. Who killed Laura Palmer. Yes, Twin Peaks is nearly 25 years old. But just as in Pretty Little Liars this mystery is the cornerstone of the entire series – and the information might be important to the upcoming remake/sequel. – The Orange County Register/Tribune News Service