The not-so-secret weapon ABC Studios has in their battle for ratings is Shonda Rhimes. She is responsible for, not one, not two but, three successful dramas currently seen on TV.

Rhimes is the brainchild behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder.

The 45-year-old’s producing company, Shondaland, has a deal with ABC Studios to produce content solely for them.

“Shonda has an appetite to build her TV empire and we are happy to be partners with her,” says executive vice president of ABC Studios Patrick Moran.

While executives are known to be involved in the writing process (read: give their creative input), Moran says he does not give notes to Rhimes about her work and neither does he pressure her to deliver a new show.

“It is largely about Shonda telling us if she is ready (to come up with another show).”

And she is! Shondaland will be putting out a new – and from watching the pilot, a killer! – show next year.

Titled The Catch, it stars Mirielle Enos as a fraud investigator who is duped by her fiancee before their wedding. In between cases, she is out to hunt the man who cheated on her.


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