Boneka is Datuk Sheila Majid’s first album in 13 years and yet it feels like no time has passed.

In the 10-track Boneka, the 52-year-old singer stays true to the brand of infectious jazz and pop stylings that she’s been known for since making her debut in the 1980s.

It wouldn’t be a Sheila Majid album without her signature toe-tapping fast numbers. The Sinaran hitmaker continues that trend here, with tracks like Melukis Dunia, Lebih Dewasa and Boneka.

The title track sees Sheila likening the life of an entertainer to a doll where one’s ability to exist and make music in the industry is thanks to her fans.


With uptempo tracks considered harder to sell in the local market, some may say that choosing the lively number as the album’s lead single is a risk. But the track is strong enough and Sheila is well-known for her repertoire of fast songs.

There’s a palpable positive vibe throughout the album. So much so, even when she’s singing about a loved one who’s far away, she seems to be able to wait chirpily in the mid-tempo track, Ku Nanti.

Still, it’s her love ballads Aku Untukmu and Haruskah Ku Pergi that are truly the highlights of the album. The beautiful melodies here are delivered with such grace and class – the way only Sheila can.

She never veers from her musical path, making no attempt at appealing to the newer generation of listeners, which for better or for worst, is something commendable.

Sheila Majid


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