If you haven’t seen La La Land, you must. There’s a new flair to it that we haven’t seen before in the musical film genre. And the music of the film has a big part to play.

It’s hard to talk about the soundtrack without talking about the film. In brief, La La Land is a love story between musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and actress Mia (Emma Stone) working hard to get their big break in Hollywood.

As such, a lot of the songs have to do with chasing after one’s dreams, from leaving their hometowns and loved ones behind for Hollywood in Another Day Of Sun to their struggles to land a job in Someone In The Crowd.


Audition (The Fools Who Dream) beautifully sums up the rise and fall of an artiste or just about anyone who has ever tried to reach for the stars. And because of Sebastian’s passion for jazz, the genre is evident throughout the soundtrack.

One of the reasons La La Land stands out from the rest of the musical films we’ve seen is it uses soft, quiet numbers to tug at our heartstrings instead of the usual big sweeping numbers with anthemic choruses. Case in point: The enchanting City Of Stars, which won Best Original Song at the Golden Globe Awards recently.

They are intimate, beautifully constructed and tend not to pander to the commercial palate.


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