Is it any wonder that former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung – better known by the mononym Jessica – should feature a wintry concept for her sophomore solo release? After all, here is K-pop’s favourite ice princess, infamous for her occasionally icy attitude.

But in actual reality, this six-track mini album (two lesser tracks on the English version) is anything but cold. Lead single and title track – despite its Christmassy title – is a trendy electropop number with tropical riff raffs. Sure, the beats are metallic cool. The lyrics on the other hand? Sweet as heck (“Can you imagine sitting on the cloud in the purplish sky”).

That saccharine, celebratory Hallmark-y sentiment extends throughout the album. Dancing On The Moon sounds like a distant cousin of the title track, only with less wow factor. Meanwhile, Celebrate is a no-fuss dance offering that – well, you guessed it – promotes a happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

Now, all this uplifting message might work if Jessica is in a girl group – or a gospel singer. But it’s not going to sustain a successful solo K-pop career.

The sweet-girl-next-door-iness of Wonderland is really uninspiring and generic even. Sure, the 27-year-old can bank on the “post-GG” factor to fuel her solo endeavours. But if she wants to stand out on her own, a stronger concept is overdue.


Jessica Jung


(Coridel Entertainment)