Over two decades into the business, Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro is not showing any signs of slowing down with its 7th studio album.

The album opens with Wolves Of Winter, a rocking number about not giving up with so much gusto. The lyrics are quite cheesy: “Just remember, no ‘I’ in team/There’s two in brilliant”. I’m going to quote that William Wallace-style at my next team building.

Friends And Enemies opens with a thumping beat that goes on throughout the song about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you can fathom lyrics like “Cause you were not right/You were just righteous” then you’d love this track. I’m sticking to Wolves Of Winter.

Small Wishes has an indie-folk feel to it, almost like a song from The Magic Numbers. It’s one of the more fun, upbeat songs in the album. Medicine is a heartfelt slow number where lead vocalist Simon Neil bids farewell to a friend with too much baggage.

Then there’s surpringly good Re-arrange, which sounds remarkably different from the aggression-fueled rock numbers. With a soft hushed voice, Neil pleads for a lover to stay in this languidly-paced song.

Biffy Clyro shows a lot of range in this album, and proves that it is not afraid to experiment and gain new ground.

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Biffy Clyro


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