I’m starting to wonder if Australian alternative rock band Temper Trap will ever be able to live up to the overwhelming success of debut hit single Sweet Disposition.

With the third studio album Thick As Thieves, I find myself looking for a song as infectious and dreamy as Sweet Disposition. One such track is So Much Sky, a breezy number where vocalist Dougy Mandagi’s “Oh-ay-oh-ay-ooh” line reverberates through the song. Good luck getting that tune out of your head.

The poignant Summer’s Almost Gone is another standout track. It moves from upbeat to slow and heartbreaking in the bridge as Mandagi sings, “When I lift my head/Everything just falls”.

The lovely Lost has a retro feel to it and it opens with Mandagi’s famous falsettos breathlessly singing “Fade away, let’s get lost”.

Overall, Thick As Thieves is a solid Temper Trap album, one that is closer to feel and effort of first album Conditions. After the underwhelming previous release The Temper Trap, it’s safe to say the band has found its groove again.

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Thick As Thieves

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