Shinee’s Jonghyun finally releases his first studio album after years of teasing us with spectacular buzz singles and a much celebrated extended play. And the man hasn’t abandon his quirky experimental vibe.

Think of it this way: If She Is were a painting, it’d be a canvas of kaleidoscopic colours. The title track for starters, is a solid multicoloured hip-hop track that’s super generous with its servings of catchy riffs and tongue-in-cheek English verses.

If anything, there’s no shortage of flashy artistry on this nine-track endeavour. Even when the 26-year-old singer slathers on the sex appeal (on the astronomically-titled Orbit, Moon and Aurora), he doesn’t tone down the infectious merry-making.

And of course, we’ve got to talk about that smooth vocal control. The Justin Timberlake-esque falsetto on the too-sexy-for-school Moon for one, will make many weak in the knees.

But Jonghyun certainly ups the ante on White T-Shirt. The Seoul native gives the rollickingly fun track an eccentric edge by marrying jazzy piano and effervescent beats. If the song sounds like something you’d hear in the clubs at Ibiza, that’s probably because the dude might have actually bridged the gap between K-pop and a much more global sound.


The quirky experimental vibes are very much alive in Jonghyuns first solo album. Photo: S.M. Entertainment


She Is

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