Strength in numbers is a strategy that’s utilised well by the boys of EXO. It’s a trait that the South Korean boyband phenom showcases throughout its third studio offering – from call-to-battle choruses to perfectly choreographed music videos, EX’ACT certainly exploits the cohesiveness of all nine members in the group.

Lead singles Lucky One and Monster waste no time in extolling those rallying qualities. Sharp harmonies are the pièce de résistance of this K-pop outfit, something which you’ll find aplenty in the dark brooding sound of those aforementioned tracks.

That group DNA even extends to the slower jams such as Stronger and They Never Know where the guys charm with exceptionally timed verses swaps.

On the greater sonic front, EX’ACT doesn’t stray far from the sound of its predecessors. Those urban hip-hop leanings are very much alive and well here. But this time around, EXO is more deliberate with its pursuit of electronic music. Numbers such as Artificial Love, Cloud 9 and White Noise cruise their way to the dance floors thanks to brazen EDM-infused hooks and an abundance of synths.

It remains to be seen whether this new direction will distance longtime fans. But what’s for certain is, the boys who broke into the scene with those high school-inspired uniforms are all grown up now.


The boys of EXO are all grown up on their third studio album. Photo: S.M. Entertainment



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