There are many different ways one can listen to Explosions In The Sky’s latest instrumental album, The Wilderness.

You could shut yourself in a windowless room, turn off the lights, and in that darkened room free of distractions, close your eyes and play the entire album on loop from beginning to end, and let the music wash over you in one endless magical sonic blanket.

You could put it on a playlist on your phone, and go about your daily life as each song soundtracks the different routines of your life in the most epic way possible. The band’s Your Hand In Mine was in the soundtrack for Friday Night Lights after all, and parts of The Wilderness really do sound like a soundtrack to an epic film.

You could take it in as a whole, letting the atmospheric emotions of each song – from the wild beauty of the title track and the anxious nervy chaos of Disintegration Anxiety to the other-worldiness of Colours In Space and the twinkling wind-down of album closer Landing Cliffs – meld into one infinite sonic journey through space.

Or, and this is my personal favourite, you could listen to it song by song with the volume turned WAY up, and just savour your favourite parts of each song – like the soaring gentleness of the first half of The Ecstatics, the thumping tribal beats halfway through Logic Of A Dream, and the layers of rhythm, melody, and beats of Infinite Orbit – and letting each individual burst of musical magic light up your inner senses like, well, little explosions in the sky.

Explosions In The Sky

Explosions In The Sky

The Wilderness

(Temporary Residence)