kris allen

Get your notepads out because Kris Allen’s Letting You In is an album filled with life advice.

The opening track, Love Will Find You, tells us there’s no need to hurry when it comes to finding one’s true love (phew!). He talks about the futility of running away from our problems in Faster Shoes and warns us about the consequences of inaction in If We Keep Doing Nothing.

Despite all this advice-giving, the American Idol Season Eight winner doesn’t come off preachy at all. Instead, these songs are more like personal musings on life, sounding like they were taken from the pages of his diary.

For instance, he talks about his own feelings of doubt and finding himself far from where he wants to be in Time Will Come, and in Way Up High, a song that sounds like he wrote it an airplane, Allen reveals random thoughts like “how many swimming pools does it take to keep us cool?”

Allen matches these personal lyrics with a breezy pop, singer-songwriter vibe. Move, Waves and Love Will Find You, in particular, boasts strong, melodic hooks that could do well on radio.

Kris Allen

Letting You In

(Dogbear Records)