Get hooked on LUST’s impressive five-track debut EP, Chingichanga. LUST is a Kuala Lumpur-based band comprising Faris Khairi, Azfar Abu Bakar, Nazrin Yusnaidi and Anaqi Jamalluddin, that was formed in 2013.

Start your Chingichanga journey with the rocking Aberdeen St and then mellow out with the smooth groovy sounds of Amphibia.

Feel nostalgic with Naga before losing yourself in the ominious sounds of Psychokillah. Then continue bopping your head to Clapsong.

Chingichanga is addictive and it’s very easy to enjoy yourself with these confident, steady psychedelic numbers. It gets a commendable 10/10 from me!

Now, hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for a full-length album.




(Independent release)