The period between the release of debut album 2014 S/S and this extended play saw WINNER caught up in a precarious situation. After all, 18 months is a long time to be away from the charts – even more so for a rookie act in a highly saturated scene.

In that sense, EXIT: E can be seen as the five piece’s departure from temporary obscurity. Where its previous full-length rides on the wave of relatively unobtrusive numbers, their latest studio endeavour sees the boys sampling a flashier sound.

Although, you won’t be able to tell right away with the modest, albeit brilliant opening track BABY BABY. The song takes everything that 2014 S/S does best – romantic melodies flirting along the edges of R&B-flavoured hooks – and packs it within a dreamy mid-tempo offering that showcases the all-male ensemble’s heartthrob flair.

The guys pick up the tempo on the island lilted IMMATURE. But the real surprise on this 5-track offering is SENTIMENTAL, an ardent pop song that swoops and soars within the trappings of ebullient hip hop.

EXIT: E doesn’t really veer far from its predecessor in terms of delivering radio-friendly hits. But as far as impressions are concerned, the boys are good for now.


The boys of WINNER are back with a flashier sound. Photo: YG Entertainment



(YG Entertainment)