When you hear Jess Glynne’s soulful raspy voice, you’ll be reminded of another British soul singer, Adele. Then when you hear the songs in Glynne’s debut album, which mostly consist of upbeat dance pop numbers, you’ll finally know what Adele sounds like once she gets over her heartbreak.

I Cry When I Laugh opens with Gave Me Something, an inspirational number where she thanks someone for believing in her. With its fun uplifting beat, it almost feels like Glynne was smiling throughout the time when she was recording this song.

The feel good factor continues on Hold My Hand, another cheerful pop number where Glynne sings triumphantly for someone to let her lead the way. She is also determined to help you get over your heartbreak with Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, a catchy number with an arresting beat.

jess glynne

Before you get annoyed with all that sunshine and rainbow-offerings, Glynne reels you in Saddest Vanilla, a soulful ballad featuring the sweet vocals of Emeli Sande, and one of the more outstanding tracks on the album. Though the lyrics are a bit corny (“Sat at an ice cream parlour/You went and broke my heart/Now I’m the saddest vanilla”), it’s nice to hear some vulnerability from Glynne.

I Cry When I Laugh is for those who want to let their hair down and celebrate life with some joyful dance pop numbers.

Jess Glynne

I Cry When I Laugh

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