During an interview in 2014, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park used the term “Disney commercial music” to describe how he felt about the tunes produced by synthpop act Chvrches.

In a later interview with a Swedish website, a sassy Lauren Mayberry – Chvrches’ lead vocalist – said she doesn’t like being called a corporate sellout by the same man who wrote the theme song for MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Boom. Somebody get Shinoda some aloe vera gel for that burn.

But that’s the thing with Chvrches. It was easy to assume that Mayberry, who is notable for her soft gentle vocals, to be someone who would never respond to naysayers. In the second album Every Open Eye, Mayberry and company prove that they don’t have time for bad blood.

The opening track, a jubilant-sounding fast number called Never Ending Circles, has Mayberry singing, “You give me everything I never deserved / This time, you know I’ll leave”.

She then walks away from the heartbreak trail with her voice raised to the line “But I choose to decide / That I don’t regret it”.

Then in Leave A Trace, Mayberry shuts down her oppressors with the line, “You talk too much for someone so unkind”.

The obvious music festival favourite from the album would be Make Them Gold with its Instagram-friendly inspirational message: “We will take the best parts of ourselves and make them gold”.

Chvrches slowed things down on Down Side Of Me, a lovely ethereal-sounding track. Mayberry’s haunting voice singing, “You can wrap up your hopes and release them to me” to an addictive beat makes this an unforgettable sombre number.

Afterglow is another notable melancholic dreamy track.

Every Open Eye is a solid album that should please fans of synthpop music who wants a little bit of throwback to the fun-loving yet disenchanted sounds of the 1980s.


Every Open Eye

Universal Music