str2_cczsound3107_lenka_chester_1Australian songstress Lenka sings as if life is one big fairytale. Some will call her brand of pop whimsical. Others will probably dismiss it as music for My Little Pony.

Either way, it’s hard not to be affected by The Bright Side’s sunny disposition. Sit through the sugary-sweet sentiments, and you’ll find occasional buoyant gems such as Free and Get Together.

“Let’s get together, we can talk about the weather,” the New South Wales native suggests on the latter feel-good jam. The lyrics – in true Lenka fashion – are certainly trivial, if not trite. Elsewhere, the melodies on cuts such as opener The Long Way Home and My Love are relentlessly cheerful to the point of annoyance.

Ironically, it’s the chirpier-titled numbers that temper the record’s suffocating optimism. Blue Skies is a reflective electro-infused song, while on Hearts Brighter, the 37-year-old sheds light on how to nurse a heartache with a kindergartner-like introspection.

When Lenka does momentarily abandon that worrying sense of innocence, she advocates individuality on songs such as Unique and We Are Powerful. But the artiste isn’t exactly practising what she preaches because as a whole, The Bright Side is more generic than unique.


The Bright Side

(Sony Music)